If you face this error then you can’t send or receive emails and Outlook. This error is normally a result of a fully damaged Outlook profile. Also, when you transfer the Outlook PST file. You can fix this error by using below mention methods.
By Using Manual Methods:
1. By Profile Method
2. Configure New Outlook As Default
3. Repair Outlook Data File
By using the Professional method:
1. Outlook Email Recovery Tool

If you want to know how these methods are works then you can read the information blog to Outlook Data File Cannot Be Accessed
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Looking for simple solutions to the most annoying Microsoft Outlook issue, "Outlook Data File Cannot be Accessed." I'm here to provide the best advice on how to resolve the error message "Outlook data file cannot be accessed": Error 0x8004010F in Microsoft Outlook Let me say that this is the most aggravating Outlook error I have ever encountered. You must be aware of how frustrating it is to get such a pointless mistake just as you are about to finish a crucial activity in Outlook.