overwrite unused space on raid 5 with win2k


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i have to clean a win2k server raid 5 system. As a investigated I have to use version 5.7 as the last working under win2k, is that right? Is it a good idea to overwrite the unused space on the raid system, cause I read something about warnings concerning raid systems and a bug in earlier version than 5.82.

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5.8.7 MAY work on Win2k, I'm not too sure as I don't have that platform to test. Otherwise, stick with 5.7
Thanks, I will try 5.8.7.
Whats about the unused space on a raid system. Is it a risky action because of the raid management? I`m not very familiar with the raid technology.
It shouldn't, if you only used new drives and the rest of the drive was never used. If the RAID controller did not utilise the space unallocated on the disk, it should be fine. If you really want to be sure, destroy the RAID and use DBAN on each individual disk.