Overwriting unused space with "0"


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I would like to user Eraser just to overwrite all unused sectors of my HD by "0". What do I have to do?

Background: I have a hardly used VMware preallocated HD. Currently 20 GB of this 100 GB disk are used. However, when I compress the virtual HD from the host this ends up with a zip file round about of 40 GB size. In other words: there are many unused sectors on the virtual HD that still contain data.

I do not want Eraser due to security issued - I want this program for overwriting existing data with "0". Is this possible? Or do you have a suggestion for another tool that can be utilized for such application?

Greetings from Heidelberg,

:) Hannes
You can create a custom pass (It's under Erasing preferences) that writes binary zeroes; use a free space erase to fill the disk.