Page File



When using the option to clear pagefile in eraser (I believe this can also be done by modifying a registry entry) what actually happens? Does data on the pagefile get overwritten or is the data merly now flagged as unused disc space? If the latter is true then I guess eraser (unused disc space) needs to be run afterwards to truly erase any data that was previously on the page file.

Also can anyone tell me what happens if you delete the pagefile (after changing folder options to show system files)? Does windows recreate it, can it be recreated manually or is it gone for good?

Running XP Pro
If you select the option to clear the paging file, Eraser modifies a registry entry causing Windows to overwrite the paging file at shutdown (setting takes effect after reboot, data is overwritten once with zeroes). There is no need to erase unused disk space afterwards.

Also, you cannot delete a paging file while the operating system is using it. Like all system files, the paging file is locked to prevent to user from touching it.
What happens if you turn off page file usage in the settings then delete the file? Can the pagefile facility be brought back afterwards?