Pagefile not being cleared in Vista


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Hi Guys,

I've used Eraser for a number of years and have always been very happy with it. I have recently needed to erase the pagefile on a machine running Vista Home Premium (32 bit) using the option to clear it on shutdown. However, when checking the pagefile I noticed that all the previous info was still there ! I used 'Directory Snoop' and also 'Winhex' to check if the pagefile was empty but it appears as though nothing has been cleared. I'm using Eraser v5.86.1 as I can't get my head around the new version, probably because I'm too dyed in the wool with regard to the previous versions !

Any help greatly appreciated.
Eraser 6 cannot clear the page file. The manual links to this page in the Microsoft Knowledge Base. I think (subject to correction by Joel) that Eraser 5 does not clear it either, but simply sets the Registry value that has Windows clear the file on shut down. There is a slightly updated version of Eraser 5 (5.88), but Eraser 5 is no longer supported, so I am not sure that we can help with your problem, other than suggesting that you set the Registry value directly (which will make shut down significantly slower, of course).

Eraser 6 coexists rather better with Vista and Windows 7 than Eraser 5, and I would expect the difference to be more marked as new versions of Eraser 6 are released. To get to know Eraser 6, you might wish to read the FAQ topic on the subject. I too had a bit of a shock when I first made the transition, but quickly discovered that Version 6 is a good deal more logically laid out than its predecessor.

Hi David,

Thanks for the reply. I have set Windows to clear the pagefile via the registry as I realised that Eraser won't actually do the erasing, but even though Microsoft state that this registry tweak will clear the pagefile on shutdown, it doesn't appear to be doing anything ! Very strange indeed.

Anyone any thoughts on this odd behaviour ?
videotech said:
Anyone any thoughts on this odd behaviour ?
Sorry. I suppose it's worth checking that the change to the Registry has 'taken'. Also, though you'll need to look somewhere other than this forum for advice, I believe that you can set Windows to run temporarily without a page file, thereby deleting the existing one, and re-create a new file. That is not firm advice, for which, I think, you should look elsewhere.

You can try to use the Local Group Policy Editor: go to the Command Prompt and type gpedit.msc, and follow the instructions in

Because this is a Group Policy, Eraser 6 has been designed not to interfere with this setting as Enterprise deployments may define this setting.