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Firstly,thanx Garret for taking the time to answer queries.
My query is:
In Samis original Eraser helpfile,he mentioned that to clean the paging file you can disable it,and wipe the free space,or better still do it thru DOS.What did he mean by better?Safer, or just more convenient?!!
It has also been said that defragging the hard drive before and/or after freespace wiping is a good idea-any views?
Win98SE/Eraser 5.6
Many thanks!
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erasing swap file

You may do it both ways, with about the same amount of work:

- Disable the swap file, reboot to Windows (now without a swapfile), then
you may do a freespace erasing, which erases also, what before was
contained in the swap file. Re-enable the swap file and reboot once more
to activate that setting. Windows has now a new, clean swap file.

- Fix the size of the swap file (mandatory), exit Windows, boot to DOS,
erase the swapfile with EraserD on the DOS prompt, boot to Windows
"unfix" the swap file size and reboot to axctivate that new/old setting.
The swap file is now the old one, but fully cleaned.

Happy erasing :D

PS: Defraging before erasing compacts the used space, defraging after
erasing creates less unwanted "things" in the filetips. It is a good idea
to erase the filetips once in a while and a good time is after defraging.
baldric said:
It has also been said that defragging the hard drive before and/or after freespace wiping is a good idea-any views?
It would be better to instead wipe the unused disk space before and after defragging. This way there will be no file fragments remaining in the unused space, and all unused space gets overwritten with the selected pattern even if the defragmenter needs to move files around. However, if the file system is not badly fragmented and erasing the unused disk space cleared directory entries successfully, defragmenting the drive gains you nothing.
Paging file erasing etc

Gentlemen,many thanks for your replies!
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