Partition Question


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Hey all,

I have an IBM R32 laptop here. When I boot up dban, it shows 2 disks/partitions.

This is what it shows.

(IDE 0,0,0,-,-) IC25N040ATCS04-0
(IDE 0,0,0,-,1) Partition

IBM usually has there own partiion for recovery which I need to keep on the drive.

Does anyone know which of the above partitions would be the recovery one so I don't accidently wipe it. I'm pretty sure it's the first one but I just want to confirm.

Any ideas?

I've just double checked what shows when I start DBAN and in fact my computer shows 3 different entries, the hard drive and two partitions, like this:

(IDE 0,0,0,-,-) WDC X (X = serial number or manufacturers number of hard drive, manufactured by Western Digital)
(IDE 0,0,0,-,1) Partition
(IDE 0,0,0,-,2) Partition

The first entry, the WDC entry is for the entire disk - if I select this it wipes everything, both partitions. I assume the prefix of the hard drive that begins IC on your computer means it is manufactured by IBM.

The first partition on my computer seems to be the recovery partition, the second being the C: Drive. You appear not to have this choice. I don't know enough about hard drives and how DBAN operates to know if perhaps your hidden partition really is hidden, even from DBAN. I would await someone with a bit more knowledge before attempting anything...