PC Inspector File Recovery


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And again Hello! I been using PC File Recovery to return "erased" files done by ERASER. I notice the condition lines always show "poor" and data amount 0. On individual files its set to Gutmann level. Anyone else have similar successes? If so, what recovery Utility do you use? :D

Personally,I`ve never tried to recover any erased files or HD free space data,as I feel that my only need is to prevent any casual snooping on the contents of my computer that I feel to be of no businees whatsoever of theirs. For this,I reckon a carefully used Eraser,plus one or two other clean up applications and a modicum of occasional file encryption will suffice-especially as I have no criminal intentions,state secrets or highly valuable commercial data on my humble machine!I do sometimes feel a little paranoia creeps into these august columns,especially after Garrets comments elswhere implying that absolute surety of the total erasing of HD data is very hard to achieve.
Well i have some top secret government document files with images that i cant afford to fall into mischievous hands. NOT, what i,m getting at with my post is the EFFECTIVENESS of "ERASER'S" pass abilities. I used other wipers before and some i'm going to mention here later, and this is the only Program that makes files UNRECOVERABLE in a general sense of the word. Which thrills me to no end because my "PLATTER" enjoys junk-free operation now. I am simply "AMAZED" at the "velocity" ERASER shows with Gutmann Method on individual files, in my case image files which can be a pester to wipe. Image files clog & take up space and is why i rely on this Fine Work of Innovation.