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http://www.pcphonehome.com/ has software that sticks itself into the hard drive... of for example, a laptop.

Assuming I manage to boot from a floppy or a CD with DBAN, then it's gone right? What a waste of money, IMO.

I think I'd rather install a hardware GPS, or program my own "zombie phone home" type of thing. You're paying $30 for a lifetime SMTP service (as long as they're in business) that keeps logs of your IP address.

All it does is send the IP address, well, that's only slightly usefull.

Maybe it's better than nothing, but I was trying to figure out how the heck its supposed to work: the thief who steals my laptop is a moron. Well, let's hope that's the case. I'm pretty sure he'll flash the bios or nuke the CMOS battery, DBAN'alize or otherwise erase the drive, ...