Permanent Error Message on Startup with Scheduler


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Windows XP Sp2
Eraser latest build

First, thanks for this software and to the person who reads and helps with the forum (in his spare time?) So far one of the best product for my private needs.

I have 3 permanent error messages on Start-up for 3 folders I removed from the Scheduler long time ago.

Here one of the message:

I un-installed the application and re-installed (the repair function of the installer redirects to an installation folder), but no luck. I search for an index.dat or some pointers in the program file, the app data folder, no luck either.

What's the registry edit to clear up any past schedule tasks.

Thanks in advance
Thank for moving my post!

I did a full removal, search the registry for Heidi keys & removed them, I also went to the application data (All Users), etc. I finally re-install Eraser, restarted the PC with this fresh installation and kaboum! the error messages re-appear (see print screen in the post above).

I am not novice with computer, but I need some support about this.
I had 3 folders test in the scheduler, but I removed them, and replaced them.
These 3 first gost folders keeps showing up as an error message on start-up, at the launch of the eraser

Hi :)

Thank for moving my post!

You’re welcome !

I notice your error message says drive “D”. Is that right for your computer ? That would normally be a CD drive etc. Have you tried to erase a CD/DVD with Eraser ?

Uninstall Eraser.

Use Ccleaner to clean the registry.

Clear the application data (all users and your account).

Program files Eraser folder delete it.

Restart and load again.

Please come back if this works or not.

Thanks. :wink:
Hi thanks for the feedback.

This is an annoying BUG in my point of view, I explain in detail (click on the thumbnails for full size view).

I have a HDD divided in 2 partitions C:\ & D:\ .
I tested the scheduler function with 3 folders to erase at every log-off.
After DELETION of these folders they were keeping re-appearing as error message windows at every start-up. To switch the Scheduler function at start-up did not prevent the windows to appear.
See Start-up print screen: 3 windows error messages + on the task manager: Eraser icon with the Scheduler OFF

I did un-install, remove the left-over in the app data of the user profile/all users profile & program file. As I did clean the registry with Glary Utilities (which offers some more options than CCleaner), but the error message windows keep coming any time I re-installed, i.e. at the FIRST removal of these folders in the Eraser GUI, something went awry.

I did a basic registry search this morning, starting from the Running applications in the HKLM, and I found the F...... keys who hit on my nerves during the week.

It was not so much the difficulty, but the time. Today is the weekend, I can think quiet. When I posted the first message I was in hurry. When I un-installed/re-install, it was also in hurry. I hope, this is any isolated case (what I guess). If it is not, please follow with the thread.

Thanks to all.

I am sorry you have had trouble with Eraser.

Can I assume now you have deleted those registry settings that you no longer have the problem ?

Eraser V5x was not really designed for Vista, it has however undergone many fixes and upgrades to try to make it as compatible as possible. There shouldn’t be any problems, certainly not of the type you have experienced but there may be some minor issues.

Eraser V6 should be much better as it is a total re-write of Eraser and written with Vista in mind. Eraser V6 is scheduled for release sometime around Christmas ’ish.

Please don’t allow this issue to put you off Eraser, it is probably the best secure data removal program you can use and it is free !!!!

I would like you to try Eraser again and please keep checking for new releases of Eraser here.
Vista? You can see my configuration in my first post

Windows XP SP2
Eraser latest build

Anyway, yes, I did and it is fine now. I do agree with you regarding the quality of this software. The documentation is also excellent and complete, and I am looking forward for the upgrade version. By the way are you a developer? Seems to me that you have also some marketing writing skills ;-)

Have a good weekend and thank you again for the feedback.
Vista? You can see my configuration in my first post

Ha ha Doh !!! :roll: That was silly of me :lol: ! I think it is because the graphics you posted looked like Vista !

Anyway, yes, I did and it is fine now.

Good I am pleased to hear it.

By the way are you a developer?

No, but I have made many feature requests and I help out here on the forum as a mod. Are you a developer ? You appear to be a cracker ! Eraser is always in need of skilled programmers to help move things along.

Seems to me that you have also some marketing writing skills

Err, thank you. :oops:

Have a good weekend and thank you again for the feedback.

You too and you’re welcome. :)