Persistent Eraser error upon reboot


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here's a strange phenomenon I am hoping you can help me with:
- Eraser 5.86.1 on WinXPSP3
- Two users set up with administrator privileges

One fine day I set up Eraser to erase a particular file daily at 22h:
"c:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\Puzzer\Anwendungsdaten\EPSON\ESCNDV\ES0032\FULL.bmp"
(this is where Epson TWAIN software saves the pre-scan when you scan anything. If you don't erase this, the next time you start TWAIN it shows this pre-scan of the previous scan, which can be either annoying, compromising or even embarrassing. )
Erasing worked fine. BTW: no other scheduled erasing tasks defined.

After some days I changed the setting to "Every reboot" (because I seldom leave the system on up to 22h).

Since then, every time I (user Puzzer) log in I am greeted by Eraser's error message:
"File not found. Nothing to erase. c:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\Puzzer\Anwendungsdaten\EPSON\ESCNDV\ES0032\FULL.bmp"
OK, when you don't scan there will be no FULL.bmp to erase, and I did tell Eraser to report only in case of errors. It could be seen as an error if the file is not there.

But it starts to bug me, so I revert the schedule to "Every Day at 22h".

And now it gets weird: I STILL kept on getting the error message upon login. :?

Second attempt at solving the issue: maybe Eraser needs to erase the file successfully one time to be free to revert to the 22h schedule. So I pre-scan and thus create the file. No problems when logging in once. I expect that the matter is now closed. Not so, more messages upon subsequent logins.

Third step: I delete the task from the scheduler altogether! Eraser is bare, both in scheduler and ad-hoc. No success, same message. :shock:

Desperate, I uninstall Eraser (Admin account). Reboot. New install of Eraser. Log in as Puzzer: you guessed it: the message is back!

I assume that this task was coded into the registry as an start-up task and was not properly deleted again. Not so, the filename is nowhere to be found in the registry.

Next I search for the filename in all files and find it in C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\Puzzer\schedlog.txt, only a log. But there it even says:
"Removed a task (C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\Puzzer\Anwendungsdaten\EPSON\ESCNDV\ES0032\FULL.bmp)."
Still those messages come... spooky! :twisted:

Is there any obvious mistake in my procedure or, better still, a solution?

I just rescanned my registry and DID find mention of this file after all. (maybe I had not started my last search right from the top of the registry or mistyped the search string)

It turns out that there IS an entry
Eraser1066 : "C:\Programme\Eraser\Eraserl.exe" -file "C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\Puzzer\Anwendungsdaten\EPSON\ESCNDV\ES0032\FULL.bmp"
in key

Again, this does not reflect in any user's Eraser Scheduled Tasks list.

Is it OK to just delete the entry?

Without regard for Eraser, it is safe to delete an activity from the registry key you referenced.

Hope this solves your problem!