pertitioned disk and free space erasure


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My laptop (Win 7 64) came with a partitioned disc
OS (C)
Data (D)
I just installed the version of Eraser and I can only get it to erase empty space on C, it does nor recognize D
How does one go about adding a disk to Eraser?
Gaston Magrinat
How do you know that it does not recognise D? If Windows sees it, Eraser should see it.
I know because there is nothing I can do to erase empty disk space on D, I tried to put it on but there is no recognition.
Let me re post the question:
How do I erase disk space on D?
Any info would be greatly appreciated.
thanks a lot
If you're saying the task is created, but the task does not completed, you probably need to run the erasure as an administrator instead. You need to exit Eraser before starting a new copy as an Administrator and running the task.
Ok, I have tried everything and it does not recognize the data partition.
I am deleting Eraser, I miss the simplicity of this program, it used to work perfect
even for idiots like me.
thanks for your help