Pest Patrol found aSpy Key Logger in eraser582setup.exe


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Pest Patrol found aSpy V2.12 key logger in eraser582setup.exe downloaded from here ... ... 31813.html
It says its V5.7 but the download is actually 5.82.
I even re-downloaded eraser to be sure it wasnt just some glitch in Pest Patrol, and it showed positive for "aSpy" both times.
I am currently using Eraser V5.72 and Pest Patrol says its clean! YAY!!
I'm not sure if this is a false positive or not I don't want to start a panic.
Can any 1 else confirm this?
Sorry I forgot to include the Pest Patrol versions I'm using
PestPatrol.exe V4.4.4.81 12/27/2004 (ya i know its really old :oops:)
PestPatrolCL.exe V4.4.4.80 12/15/2004
PPclean.exe V5.0.0.43 01/30/2007
The "pest database" is dated 01/11/2007
Direct quote from The makers of aSpy
"aSpy - the universal program-spy which allows you to watch a user work on the computer in your absence. It is intended for latent supervision of a computer. Carries out the following actions: creates a key log, remembers opening and closed applications, watches ClipBoard content, takes screenshots."
This would kinda defeat the purpose of eraser :lol:
While wading through the forum I found another thread that covers this topic ... it is confirmed a false positive!
If the Admin/Mod would like this post deleted, your welcome to do it or e-mail me and I will