PestPatrol reports Eraser as Spyware



I ran PestPatrol's on-line scanner (it can be found at ). It reports that Eraser is Spyware and classifies it as a “nuker” (It defines a nuker as: A program that disables a machine through damage to the registry, key files, the file system, etc.). Any comments on this classification? BTW, I’ve been running Eraser for a couple of months now and it works great.
Have a read of the other threads on Trojen on this forum to get an update of where things are at in relation to this.
Note: Eraser is Not Spyware.

The following is the email we received from Pest Patrol to say that our Eraser software is Not Spyware.


Hello Finola,

After an evaluation by our Research group, we have confirmed that our product was incorrectly detecting your product Eraser as a pest.

All references to your product has been removed from our database.

Assuming there are no problems found in Quality Assurance, a new set of .dat files will be published by end of day Friday, November 12, from which all references to your product will have been removed.

Please let us know if you experience any further problems with our software incorrectly detecting yours or if you have any additional questions.


Threat Manager
Computer Associates Int.