Please Help! Partition is missing after DBAN run...


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I ran DBAN with autonuke mode and now when I put in my WinXP disc it doesn't reconize the harddrive, it is a 250gig SATA. When I get to the partition info I get this Then if I try pressing D to delete it gives me this BSOD message How do I fix the drive so that it has it's NTFS partition info again so the Windows installer will detect it? Any help is appreciated.

Thanks, Cody
You probably have an SATA controller with a bad BIOS implementation. Microsoft Windows will probably install if you push F6 at startup and provide a vendor driver.

Past that, follow the posting rules and provide hardware information.
Thanks for the tip, it works fine now. I never origionaly installed the OS and had never installed to a SATA drive before so I didn't know about having to use the driver support. My apologies for not including the hardware information.