Portable Eraser Available

I'm wondering why they just don't use the portable version "period"?

Why would you want everyone to know you go out of your way to delete your files very well, if they are snooping on your computer, they will assume the worst.

The portable edition works just fine in any directory on the hardrive so you can use it as if installed.

Versions won't have a mismatch either.. when the latest version comes out, everyone will have the same instead of having to wait in the portable format.
Hi windstrings

I'm wondering why they just don't use the portable version "period"?

This is because some people like to use the right click menu. :lol:

I understand your desire to have a portable version but others like an installed version. I myself like portable applications whenever possible but I understand other people don’t.

As of 5.84 I believe all Eraser versions are automatically portable by performing the install I have described in your other thread.
I understand your point and the convenience of it but I like portable because I spend most of my computer time at work and I can use firefox portable and have all my bookmarks, history etc and then have all my programs to do everything I need without ever installing anything or leaving a trace on the company computer!

I can also work on other peoples computers and have all my tools without being dependent upon what crappy software they have installed, "or don't".
There are some Hex Editors around that don’t need installing such as WinHex. You could perhaps use one of those until Eraser Portable is fixed ? :)
Hi windstrings,

I thought you were asking for the 5.84 version in your other thread ? :roll:
I was.... seems its not available in a portable format though... so I'll have to continue to use 5.82 till it gets upgraded.
V5.84 will run from a usb key if you just copy the files there.

For the shell extension you just need to register / unregister eraserext.dll