Portable version on a boot CD? (Solved)


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When using Eraser 6.0.7, the log file gave errors because it could not erase the cluster tips of system files in use. I assume that by booting from a BARTPE CD, there would be no problem erasing all the cluster tips because none of the system files would be in use. Will there be a portable version of 6.0.7 available and could I add the portable version to a BARTPE boot cd and still have it function? UBCD for windows has eraser 5.7 as part of its package. Are there any advantages to using 6.0.7 on a boot CD vs 5.7?

Update: I found out that Eraser 6.0.7 uses .Net Framework, so it cannot be made portable. Only option is to use 5.7 on the Ultimate Boot CD for Windows. I am going to try using the portable version of 5.8.8 on a boot cd and see if that works.
You're right, v6 uses the .NET Framework.