Possible solution to problem when Erasing Unused Disk Space?


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I have just a question regarding the fact that when I erase unused disk space I get an error wth a long list of files that could not be processed...now...in order to minimize that quantity of files, may be a solution to restart PC under not normal mode but under provvisory mode, so that O.S. loads only strictly necessary programs and drives before starting Erasing procedure.

What do you think about that?

Thanks :D
Hi Legatoalfuturo :)

Yes that may help. There isn’t really much of a security risk with some locked files producing errors. But if you are seriously paranoid then what you suggest may help.

I am wondering if Eraser may take a long time to wipe in safe mode as the IDE drivers may not be loaded. I am not sure about this in your situation so perhaps you could post back with the results !