Preconfigure settings for BartPE


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I want to use Eraser with a BartPE bootable CD and have 2 problems:

1) When I start Eraser 5.84 from the BartPE CD I canot change erasing settings. When I open Preferences Erasing and change the settings to DoD 3 passes and click OK nothing happens. When I open the same dialog again its still on the default setting and not on DoD 3 passes. When I run an erasing job it doesnt matter what I have configured, its allways erasing with 35 passes. It seems that not all registry settings are in the BartPE registry. Is there a eraser.inf or any other solution to fix this?

2) Where are Eraser Settings saved? How can I create a BartPE CD with preconfigured settings to DoD 3 passes for files and unused space?

Thanks for help

We do not officially support BartPE (as far as I can remember). BartPE support, if any, is "by-the-way" because BartPE is supposed to be a minimal Windows installation (don't quote me, I'm really exhausted)

All settings are indeed stored in an inf file, but that requires write-access on your disk. So if you are running Eraser from a read-only partition you won't be able to change settings.