Privacy under Windows platform.

If you haven't already done so, check out CCleaner (a free program). This deals pretty effectively with what Windows and programs really do.

Full encryption seems to me like putting a small band aid on a bleeding wound. Not a bad idea but I think the first thing to do is to protect against getting the wounds.

Along those lines, I have become obsessed with portable apps. Furthermore, there seems to be some apps more portable than others and I have heard these referred to as "True Portable" or simply truPortable. These are apps that require no installer (simply extract the files to a folder), they do not write to the registry or write very little, and they are stand-alone. They create their own cache files, settings files, and temp files within its own folder and deletes them upon exit if the user so chooses. There should be vastly greater demand for such programming.

I use a portable browser called SRWare Iron v11.0.700.2 which is based on Chromium but far more secure in my experience. I am essentially done with Firefox. The new 4.0 version is a behemoth that eats memory. I use TrueCrypt Portable. I use CCleaner Portable as well. I've found several useful portable apps including replacements for iTunes (WinSCP Portable), WinRAR (PeaZIP Portable), Adobe Reader (PDF-XChange Viewer Portable), and Photoshop (GIMP Portable). I understand that there are many more apps that can be rigged by the user to become portable but doing so can be illegal in some cases and also requires some level of expertise and patience. Hopefully the combined concept of open source+stealth+true portability becomes widespread and more common. I would like it to evolve into pure portability where the app needs no installer, leaves no trace of its use on a computer, and self-encrypts whatever small data files it must create but keeps those encrypted files within its own folder.

I came here looking to download the latest version of Eraser Portable but I do not see it. Surely it still exists. This is a terrific idea for a thread, it can develop into a tremendous resource for great information, and I hope more people contribute their tips and tricks here.

oh and Joel.. THANK YOU FOR ERASER!!
Howard_Roark said:
I came here looking to download the latest version of Eraser Portable but I do not see it. Surely it still exists.
Sadly, not yet, though it's on the list. For reasons explained in the FAQ, Eraser 6 is a complete rewrite, so (like all but the very final versions of Eraser 5) it does not have a portable version. I understand that creating one is a significant task, and programming effort is particularly scarce at the moment. The priority for version 6.2, when/if it sees the light of day, must be making the program more robust and able to co-exist better with the more recent versions of Windows.

The portable version of Eraser 5.88 is still downloadable from Sourceforge, and, though not supported, can be used on Widows 7 and Vista.

Howard_Roark said:
oh and Joel.. THANK YOU FOR ERASER!!
Amen to that.

While I should not let this thread digress further... I have to admit that running Eraser as a service would seriously make it more difficult to portable-ize... so in that respect both aims are contradictory. I hope I'll figure out how to reconcile them eventually.
The file that is hidden and tracks all past history of windows including deleted cookies and all that stuff is the index.dat

"Index.dat are files hidden on your computer that contain all of the Web sites that you have ever visited. Every URL, and every Web page is listed there. Not only that but all of the email that has been sent or received through Outlook or Outlook Express is also being logged. The file names and locations depend on what version of Internet Explorer you have. If you are running IE version 4.0 or above, the file name is "index.dat". Microsoft has not supplied an adequate explanation as to what these files are for or why they have been hidden so well."

Research the index.dat on google :)

I use a program called Privacy Mantra that not only clears all the last doc's any stored torrents and searches.. check boxes for browsers, even down to word/excel..

A good Housecleaning is removal of the system to make thumbnails, turning off Virtual ram, hibernation, clearing the files using some program that will get those hidden files and a final clear erase.

The Simple solution? VBOX your system. but thats not for the common user.

and thanks for your hard work at keeping confidential information.. just that..
There is one thing that people almost always over look is "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AppCompatFlags", it saves a list of programs run under compatibility settings, it should be considered a privacy risk.
Another thing is firefox now includes a javascript pdf viewer, this viewer stores that page you visited on the last pdf regardless of your privacy settings(in about:config, under pdfjs.database entry), it does not save a name of the file as such, but it saves a hash of the file. This should also be considered a privacy risk.

As for privacy "cleaning", registry "cleaning" software, I regard them as trash that should be avoided like the flu.
I am running Win8 and Eraser does not recognize my Admin setting. Is there a fix in the works? Win8 appears to be a different specie than XP..for which the present ver. of Eraser seems to be written. Am I mistaken? Inform me.
I believe CCleaner does not erase, but only deletes bytes, which we all know are easily recovered. I don't use it to safeguard data only to remove trash that my Win8 (rehash of 95 as far as I can tell from performance) chokes on and slows to glacial speed in execution. Two years since Eraser was released and not for Win7 or 8! Isn't it about time for an update? Ver.6 is good enough to be a MS product...that's how bad it is. ( Joel or someone needs to take ownership of this project and write some good code that actually works. I went back to Ver.5 since I actually can accomplish overwrite destruction of bytes, as far as Recuva software can recover. What a frustration to have such a good idea, but doesn't actually do what it promises...Kinda like Microsoft programmers and the Win line of bad code. Xerox coders could do better. Come on guys...make a product you can be proud of!
nothing can fully prevent data compromise in case we keep it on paper or on any other storage media.
so encryption would be adviceable when you want to store data as a hard or softcopy.
it will provide an extra challenge to those who want to intercept some of your information
They started the presentation by showing us an improved defense. FIFA 16 has always felt balanced towards to attacker, the defender always having a hard time keeping up. In FIFA 16 they promise that it's possible to follow the attacker more closely. After a few matches, I'm not so sure it's the defence that's been improved, or the attacker who's been blunted. Next they show a new training function; it's said to be useful for both beginners and more experienced players. It works like this: while you're playing a match, the game will constantly tell you what you can and should press. If you're running along the edge of the field, the game will tell you that you can press square to kick a high ball or cross to make a pass. It seems like a nice little addition, but I don't think experienced players will benefit from it too much.

Helping me out a little is the addition of a new type of pass. Because it’s slightly more difficult to break down defenses (even the AI works as a unit more cohesively, closing down gaps, responding to changes of possession more quickly and abandoning man-marking when sensible), EA Sports has added a quick, to-feet drilled pass. Exploiting small gaps is slightly easier as a result, tempered only by the fact that the receiving player will sometimes struggle to get a decent first touch in. FIFA 16’s been crying out for a pass like this for ages. If the development team can make those adjustments, then at least on the pitch I feel confident this will be another solid campaign for EA’s flagship sports franchise.

With that being said, I see FIFA 16 being in an interesting spot right now. The game feels more balanced than it has in a couple years at this moment, but work still needs to be done to keep it from being a game that devolves into this chaotic jumble where people are just running around at full speed the entire 90 minutes. There’s time to hone in on stuff like fouling and physics to make that work in the same way there’s still time to make players continue to feel a bit different from one another on the pitch.

This is more than just a case of slapping a female face onto existing models, animations, and ratings. While female teams can only play one another, and aren’t present throughout FIFA 16’s game modes, they are certainly worth trying out if you’re looking for an entertaining and enjoyable exhibition match. EA also showcased one of the major changes that’s coming to its ever-popular FIFA 16 Ultimate Team mode. This year sees the introduction of Draft Mode, a clever and novel mode that will test players’ abilities to make difficult choices, build squads that gel, and then make them perform on the pitch.
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