Problem after 5.7 UNinstall


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First, I run an essentially unpatched W98FE system, with AVG Free
version and Zone Alarm Pro, Ver. 2.6.231. (Before you turn up your
at the old version, it has worked with everything I do--faithfully--for
a long time!) I use either Mozilla or Netscape to surf the web, and
Netscape Messenger for mail and news group browsing. Also regularly
Adaware, Spybot S&D, and CWShredder. So, I feel pretty confident that
my system is bug free.

Recently downloaded Eraser Ver. 5.7 from the Heidi site and installed it. Couldn't get
it to run quite the way I understood--probably my own stupidity. Anyway,
the right-click shell extension links in Windows Explorer just disappeared after a
bit. Also I began to have problems during system boot (can't remember now quite what they were), so I decided to
uninstall Eraser, as that was the most recent change to the system.

After the uninstall was when my REAL problems began. At boot time, the
system would hang after getting most of my desktop constructed, and I
would get a message that "Zone Alarm is trying to start VSMON" but
having problems--do I want to cancel that? When I clicked Cancel,
nothing would happen--I mean NOTHING. The system would hang solid.
mouse pointer would move, but I could not get any action from clicking
any icon, not even the START button. I could do the old "3 finger
salute" and bring up the Task Manager, where I would see VSMON as "Not
Responding". Also, the Microsoft Office Shortcut Bar would be listed
"Not Responding". Clicking End Task for either of those would then
bring up the window saying the task would not end, etc. Clicking
Shutdown would bring up a seemingly endless chain of the "Task Will Not
End" windows, and the system would hang solidly. It would not even
respond to CTL+ALT+DEL. The only recourse was the Reset button.

So, now my system is flaky--first time in many a month. I don't know
quite what to do with it. Got a few ideas, but I need advice from Heidi Admin or other users. Would it be possible to get a list of
modules that Eraser might affect during install AND uninstall? Thought about comparing their
dates with the originals on the Windows install disk (5/11/98), with an
eye toward corrupted system modules. I could also run SFC, but there
might be other modules changed by other software which that would

Any suggestions?

Many thanks for your help.