Problem Creating Boot Nuke Disk


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I have installed Eraser 5.86 and DBAN 1.0.7_i386 on a Dell Precision 370 running XP sp2. When I try and create a Boot and Nuke floppy from Start >All Programs > Eraser > Create Nuke boot Disk, I get the following error message:
Disk error on track 0 head 0
Address mark not found
The drive cannot find the sector requested
The floppy drive is fine as I can read from and write to other floppies and can read floppies it has created on other machines. The inserted floppy is preformatted. The only option on the WinImage Self Extractor is Install on a:

Any suggestions?
I think either explorer is trying to view the drive at the same time or an AV app is interfering. Try to shut all these down and see if it can write then.