Problem detecting USB HDD after nuke


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Last night i used version 2.0 to clean a Hitachi 110 GB USB external HDD. After rebooting the computer I cannot see the drive in My Computer anymore. Oddly enough I have them in the device manager and windows says no problems exist (both XP and Vista). Can you explain to me what happened? Did I blow the partition or what. As I cannot see it, it is hard to repartition it or do you have any suggestions?

Please help, Thanks in advance.

Jeppe, Denmark
Right click Computer > Manage > Storage > Disk Management. Look for your 111GB drive in the list, right click on the empty space and click create simple volume. If the MBR is erased as well then you'll need to recreate the MBR (right click on the name of the drive on the bottom center, e.g. Disk 1)