problem with a m2 card and a USB adaptor.


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Hi, i need some help...

I have a M2 Card ( in my celular phone ), and a USB Adaptor for transfer the photos and the mp3s from the phone to my pc.

The last week, i tried to erase the unused space from my M2. And the card dead.

Please, what can i do? the card no run at the phone, and not run into the USB adaptor. I need some help. :cry:
Sorry, this is my card:


And this is my USB adaptor:


I use Eraser V. 5.84
Sometimes such cards do not have volatile enough memory to withstand the torture Eraser puts the media through. If it's under warranty I suggest you bring it back to the manufacturer and see what they say.

Eraser works generically across all drives (it doesnt care what sort of drive it is erasing)