Problem with a .WAV-File



Hello from Munich (and sorry for my english! it isn't very well :)

My problem:
I have a .WAV-File I cannot play in Windows Media Player.
The filesize of my .WAV-File is about 400 MB.
This File is in the directory:
C:\Documents and settings\Timo\Local settings\Temp
Every time when I boot my computer, the eraser-Software
is cleaning this directory.
When i booted my computer I saw, that the eraser-software begin
to clean but I don't know really, if eraser has begin to clean this directory.
Then I aborted the running cleaning-job. Now I cannot play this wav-File.
I have seen that there's another file in that directory with the name
"2076.waf" but I don't know if this file belongs to my WAV-file. I have never seen such a fileending ".Waf" !!!
Is it possible to rescue my WAV-File?
It would be great, if someone can help me.

Many thanks from