Problem with DBAN not seeing installed hard drives



I'm having trouble with DBAN recognizing hard drives that are installed. Once, the BIOS did not recognize one of the HD's on the primary interface but DBAN did.

Now, the BIOS recognizes both HDs on an interface, but DBAN only sees one. If I move the "invisible" HD around (i.e. make it master, make it slave, move it to the secondary controller, as both master and slave) in all cases the BIOS properly finds the drive but DBAN does not.

You probably have one device jumpered as CSEL and the other as a master or slave. Set both to CSEL or set one master and one slave.

If you're not using CSEL, then try putting the master device at the end of the cable.

Posting the dmesg and dwipe files from the log tarball would also be helpful.