Problem with eraserd -nodel


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It seem's that the DOS command "eraserd -file filename -nodel" adds clusters
to the file "filename" when the command is called more than once...

Ex. If "filename" is a text file (less than one cluster of 32K), the first
call will increase its size to 32K (32768 bytes), then the second call to
64k, the third to 96k, and so on...

Is that normal (expected) ? I think that the first call is doing what it
should do, but not the other calls... I see the same behavior with a binary
file (like JPG). Also, I tried this in a command prompt in Win XP.


Well you shouldn't be using EraserD any more since... it's not for Win32 computers. They have a command prompt, yes, but that is better filled in by the use of EraserL (which accepts command lines)

I don't believe EraserD is maintained any more: It's a chore to compile since it has to be compiled using a special (IIRC, 16-bit) compiler which only Garrett has.