Problem with locked files, and erasing after reboot


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Hi guy's

I wanted to erase a files today, but it was locked by another application. So eraser tell me i can erase this files after reboot.
Ok so i reboot, and after on windows the files was missing when i search it. But i use gutman methode (35 passes) in erasing preference, and the files was erased immediatly at startup, and i dont have any message of confirmation. It needs 5 minutes to erase this files with the gutman methods...So the files was safely erased with gutman method at startup, or juste erased with one pass?

IIRC the code will erase using your eraser preferences. If you specified 35 passes it will be done with 35 passes.

However if you use the Scheduler then I'm afraid the results are unreliable. (Old code, sorry.)