Problem with memory after running DBAN


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I recently ran DBAN, then reinstalled Windows ME for a friend, who has a Pentium 3, and a hard drive with 20 Gigs. Now, the HDD is only showing a max of 1.99Gb, instead of maybe 19.99 Gb. Can anyone let me know what happened and how to correct it? I cannot even install MS updates for the OS, because not enough memory now. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!
After you ran DBAN, what steps did you take to partition and format the hard drive?
I haven't installed ME for a long time, so I don't remember if it give you those options during install. You might run FDISK from a floppy and do delete and recreate the partition that way. Then format with FAT32 and install ME.

(Although, ME is kinda icky as far as operating systems are concerned. Windows 2000 or XP are lots more reliable.)