Problem with sign "-" in filename by erasing


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I use Eraser Nighty Build and Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP3.
I will delete a file in explorer by using right mouse click.
When I want delete a file with the sign "-" in the filename a eror-report come: Tasks must contain at least one erasure target
Example: I create a file: example-example.txt
This file I can´t erase. If I rename the file to exampleexample.txt I can erase it.
And an other Problem: If I want erase a file with filesize 0 kb - Eraser crash.

Ralf from Germany
This should probably go in the support forum; perhaps Joel will move it.

I think that this is a similar (or possibly the same) problem to one I have already reported to Joel.

As regards the crash, what version of Eraser are you using? Is Eraser trying to upload a crash log? Is there a task log entry for the task; if so, what does it say?

Could you please create a bug for this on Trac, I've got a very little bit of time (about 1/2 a week's worth of man-hours) before I need to run off again to a new job... so that'll be appreciated.