Problem with wrong free disk space after using Eraser


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I used Eraser with "7-Pass Schneier" to clean up my recycle bin under Windows Vistea and after that my system was completely down. The explorer did not start again and also some other programs had difficulties. After a reboot most things are normal but I lost about 30 GB of disk space. does anyone know, what I have to do?

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Yes. Read the FAQ (link below), especially the one on common Eraser problems. The answer is there.

Where did you look? What were you looking for?

I looked here viewtopic.php?f=35&t=6014 for a solution. Unfortunately it describes the problem but not the solution. There are no files I could delete.

As I said I used Eraser to delete the content of my recycle bin and after a restart I realized that I lost almost all free space on my hard-disk.

This thread has the information you need. Incidentally, there is a link to it in the FAQ 'sticky' topic on common Eraser problems, which is always a good starting point if you are having difficulties.

Okay, now I found the Problem. The recycle bin looks like empty but an disk-analyzer found 50 GB in there. I could delete this files via the analyzing-tool.

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I'm afraid I misunderstood your problem. This appears to be odd behaviour by the Windows delete mechanism; I've seen similar problems with Recycle Bin files before but not quite this one. Which Disk Analyser were you using, please? And did the files, when you found them, fit the description of the Eraser temporary folder/files given in the FAQ?

I'm glad its fixed