Problems erasing .avi files


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I've used Eraser for years and never had a problem. Erasing an .avi file at 3 passes usually takes about a minute, minute and a half tops. I used Eraser the other day to erase the free space on my c: drive and now it takes roughly 8 -10 minutes to erase 1 .avi file. It also seems to be using all my cpu to do so, never noticed that before. I used 5.7 to erase the unused space. When it started acting funny I unistalled, reinstalled, to no avail. I then DLed 5.86 and it does the exact same thing. Anyone know why? Or how to resolve? Thanks in advance!
Hi Soulviolence

Just a few of ideas.

Have you rebooted recently ?

Disable Comodo Firewall with HIPS.

Disable and delete system restore.

Have you installed a new anti virus recently or HIPS type program ?

Could you have something running in the background antivirus scan anti spyware etc ?

Are you running in safe mode ? Eraser is slower in safe mode.

Have you enabled the “Enable Background Entropy Polling ? This will slow Eraser down.

Is you hard drive ok ?

Does it click ?

Can you defrag it ok ?

Download Ccleaner and run it.
Have you tried re-naming the file before attempting to erase it?

IOW, if the filename is "Here I Am.avi", re-naming it to "Gone.avi"?

It's been my experience that a lot of the .avi files out there resist being deleted OR erased for some reason (hooked to a running process somewhere, FI). Pete
Sometimes Explorer locks the .avi file. I sometimes can't write to .mpgs either because of the Explorer previewer...

And you may have to do a chkdsk, sometimes the extent information may be wrong.