Problems erasing free disk space


New Member
I run Eraser once to erase the free disk space and everything went fine. Since then, it doesn't work any more.

Specifically, the task now appears to run only one or two seconds and I get the "completed" message straight away. Immediately thereafter, the program closes and the task gets deleted.

Please note that:
- I have already uninstalled, restarted and reinstalled Eraser a few times (even deleting Eraser data from %appdata%)
- the task log is empty
- other tasks work (for instance, deleting the recycle bin), but they also get deleted once I run the free-disk-space one
- the task is using default settings, although I tried also with other deletion algorithms
- I also tried running eraser as Administrator
I run Windows 11

Anybody has got any suggestions on what to do? Thanks