Problems Handling Large # of Files


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Eraser 6.09.2343 on 64 bit Win 7, two issues:
1. When selecting a large number of files to wipe, Eraser sometimes refuses to run and gives a message that there are too many files. What is the limit?
2. During erasure of a group of files, Eraser sometimes stops with this message, apparently from the OS: "Eraser has stopped working", along with an offer to either look for a solution or close the program.
In both of these issues, the files for erasure were selected via the right click context menu. Any help will be appreciated.
For Eraser 6.0, the limit is such at the total length of all file names added together must be less than 32000 characters.

In future when you receive a crash, please detail the steps you did (with details for every mouse click and selection) and precisely when the crash happens. That would greatly assist in debugging.