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Bob Brown

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I am using Windows 7 ultimate and am trying to install a newer version of Eraser (2992). I uninstalled the previous version (Eraser, with Revounistaller but this did not get rid of all the program. I deleted the regisry eraser folder, and managed to get rid of all eraser folders and files. Explorer showed that there were no folders or files left (called Eraser).
Then I tried to install version 2992, but with no luck. The attached png files, show what pops up, when I try to load 2992.
My guess is that I am missing the msi file from the installation of 2620.

Is there anyway around this problem. I would very much like to hear your suggestions, as I use Eraser a lot.

Rgds Bob Brown


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The issue here is that windows still thinks the MSI file exists . I think you will have to delete the entries in the registry