Problems with Windows 7 64-Bit


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I recently made the upgrade from Windows Vista (64bit) to Windows 7 (64bit) and have encountered a few problems with Eraser.

First time I installed it (that is, the latest version) everything worked fine, but there was one thing I didn't like and that was the new menu Eraser had, which sort of opened queued files and left eraser open in my taskbar. Though that wasn't the reason I uninstalled it, the main reason I decided to uninstall it was the time it took to erase files, it was a lot slower than on my vista computer which quickly erased files by rightclicking then hitting erase.

I figure I'm doing something wrong and can't figure it out. When I tried to reinstall the latest version of eraser I encounter an error and the program crashes. When I try to revert to an older version like the one I had on vista (which was my original plan) it also crashed. So what am I doing wrong?

Can you tell us what you mean by "the latest version"? The first "stable" release of Eraser 6 (6.0.6) had some problems, which, if my experience is anything to go by, have been largely resolved in the new stable release 6.0.7.

If you installed 6.0.6, after running a nightly build with a 6.1 version number, you need to delete the old task list. See the sticky thread at the top of the forum. If that isn't your problem, I suggest that you delete the Task List in any case, fully uninstall Eraser (including deleting any application or data folders you can find and running a registry cleaner), then re-install version 6.0.7.

The behaviour of Eraser 6 running in the background is by design; essentially, the control program runs normally and the actual erasing mechanism runs as a background process. This is so that Eraser does not fall foul of Windows security features such as UAC. Eventually, the plan is for the erasing mechanism to run as a service. People are understandably suspicious of programs that run unnecessarily on startup; in my book, Eraser is a bit of an exception, and it does not seem to hog system resources.

I don't find that Eraser 6 is slower than Eraser 5 in erasing. It may be a bit slower in wiping free space, but that's always a long process. I think that Joel is planning some code optimisation when he gets a chance.