Process errors and DBAN not loading


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I am going through the nightmare of installing Windows 7 on a 500MB Maxtor HD.

I will not bore you with all the problems I have had, but a word to the wise. Do not attempt the installation if you do not have Windows 7 compatible drivers.

In the process to remove 7 from my hard drive a friend gave me a copy of DBAN. Ran the software, but five "process error" message appeared and then
it shut down the computer. Tried this five time with the same results. Though maybe the CD which was given to me might be damaged so downloaded the
DBAN file and used CDBurnerXP to burn the DBAN iso file to a CD.

Inserted the CD into the computer and it did not boot. Tried the first CD and it did not boot.

Any one have these two problems while trying to run DBAN? Open to suggestions as to which file wiping program might work?

Have used Parted Magic to partition the hard drive and wipe it, but not certain it gets everything. After using it I was able to install 7, but when 7 reboots
it comes up with an error message, trys to fix the problem, but fails. Think Parted Magic is not catching something DBAN would, so would like to wipe the
HD with it to be certain everything is off before installing 7.

Real pain in the butt is that 7 installed from the first attempt, but then gagged on an HP printer driver (probably not Windows 7 compliant), after that everything went to hell.

Any help, suggestions, or magic words would be appreciated.

"Did not boot" -- so what was shown on the screen?