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Its been a while since I've programmed any C++ and I live on dialup so downloading the source for now isn't a question. I just wanted to suggest 2 things that would make the program a bit better. Once I get a chance to download and look at the source I'd be glad to try adding it myself and sharing the code but for now I'll just suggest it. I think it would be nice if it were easier to load new eraser methods. I added a method in there that erases everything with every character that ASCII can handle and pseudo-random data for every batch of 3 characters added. This totally annihilates things and I would like to copy this over to my laptop. I think it would be nice if you could both back up custom methods and it would be nice to be able to load in new custom methods. Maybe making it save the data to a tab delimited file, and then maybe make it have the ability to load in from a tab delimited file.

Also, one error that I've found in the beta that's currently out, is when your in the eraser preferences and you right click, it kind of makes the program get stuck. It hides the eraser preferences dialog box and makes the main form unusable because it still thinks that the eraser preferences window is open. You have to right click on the icon in the tray, click on the button to bring up eraser preferences again, close that window and then right click on the tray icon again and then tell it to exit the program and then re-open it.
v6 is being written. I made quite a bit of progress today, and the whole development team is quite excited (okay, seemingly disjoint thinking, but yes.) v6 should be easier for you to use since you can write your own methods by writing a simple plugin in VB.NET, C++/CLI, or C#. Of course the old custom method edit is there.

I fixed the second bug you mentioned yesterday.