PST Backup Tool - Free Download Software to back up Outlook PST files


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There are numerous third-party backup solutions available that are specifically designed for backing up PST files. These software tools often offer advanced features such as automated scheduling, incremental backups, encryption, and cloud storage integration.

Best PST Backup Tool​

This tool allows you to create backups of Outlook PST files and restore them when needed. It offers options for full or incremental backups, scheduling backups, and saving backups to different locations, including local drives, network drives, and cloud storage.

Aryson offers a PST Backup Tool specifically designed for backing up Outlook PST files. It provides options for full or selective backups, automatic scheduling, and incremental backups. You can save backups to different destinations, such as local drives, external drives, or network locations.

When to Use PST Backup Tool​

You should consider using a PST backup tool in the following situations:
  1. Data Protection: If you store important emails, contacts, calendar entries, or other critical information in PST files, using a backup tool ensures that your data is protected against loss due to hardware failures, software crashes, or accidental deletion.
  2. Security: If your PST files contain sensitive or confidential information, using a backup tool helps safeguard this data from unauthorized access or potential security breaches.
  3. Disaster Recovery: In the event of a disaster such as a system crash, malware attack, or natural disaster, using a backup tool allows you to restore your PST files quickly and minimize downtime.
  4. Regulatory Compliance: If your organization is required to adhere to regulatory compliance standards that mandate data retention and backup procedures for email communications, using a backup tool helps meet these compliance requirements.
  5. Migration and Transfer: If you need to migrate or transfer data between different email platforms or systems, using a backup tool facilitates the process by ensuring that you have a copy of your email data available for the transition.
  6. Version Control: If you want to maintain multiple versions of your data for backup purposes, using a backup tool enables you to create regular backups and store them securely.