Q: making a CD-ROM?



Can someone humor me and tell me what to do to use DBAN on a PC that doesn't have an old-fashioned floppy drive? I have a CD-R/DVD-R drive and a CD-ROM drive, but no old-fashioned floppy drive to run a diskette. Is it possible to burn DBAN to a disc and run it on one of the optical drives upon start-up...or am I just out of luck?

Any help would be appreciated!!!!
Get the "CD-R/CD-RW version" of DBAN from http://dban.sourceforge.net/, which is an ISO file, and burn it to blank media.

You must burn the ISO file as a filesystem image. Most burning programs for Microsoft Windows will properly recognize the ISO file if you double-click it from your desktop.

If you can see the ISO file on the disc after you burn it, then disc has been burned improperly.
thanks and another question

Thanks for the response! I did download the .iso file, but am unsure as to how to proceed (remember: I'm a novice!). I have Nero, how exactly would I go about burning it with that program...just burn it as a data CD or what? I did try to burn my own using the "create a bootable disk" option on Nero...haven't tried it yet.
You should be able to select to load a CD image, then choose your ISO.
In Nero, select File, Burn Image, browse to the ISO and select it.
That is pretty much it. You don't use any of the "wizards" in Nero, though they should make one because so many people ask about this very issue.