Question about eraser capabilities


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I'm looking for secure deletion software to recommend to some people for a specific task. I have a couple of questions.

Did I dream that Eraser has a command-line mode? A forum search doesn't find anything.

Is it possible to get Eraser to go through all directories, or all subdirectories of a given directory, and wipe all files with a given name?

Are there any wildcard/regex filename matching capabilities, or do you need to specify the full paths and filenames to anything you want to wipe?

The reason I ask about command-line operation is because it would be possible to do the filtering outside Eraser and call it with the file paths to act on.
Oops. I see 'Eraser commandline help' is the name of a topic two down from mine. I searched 'command line'.

It looks like that might answer one of my questions.
I believe using EraserL should support wildcards.

Joel said:
I believe using EraserL should support wildcards.


Eraser "Files in folder" masks currently support wildcards, but not regular expressions. Is there any plan to include a regex option for Include and Exclude Masks?
Actually Eraser 6 now converts user-provided expressions to a regular expression. I don't think it would be too much to change that in 6.2 -- do you want to open a Trac ticket for it?