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Hi, I started running an unused disk space scan about 4 hours ago, with 3 passes. However, I now see that the estimated time is over a day, is this normal or is something messed up?
No, it's normal. For personal use, a single pass free space wipe should be sufficient, but it will still take a long time. This is a function of hard disk technology and size, rather than of Eraser as such.

OK, well now it's stuck right before the end and when I click on the task it just says that the progress is being queried. It's been stuck like this for a while now.
That's the part where the MFT is being erased. I've got a potential improvement to that function, but I don't think it'll make it into 6.0 yet (as it involves some redesigning) You probably have a small proportion of space left on the drive and it's decreasing very slowly. There isn't a workaround yet, but this problem shouldn't be happening since the control is passed to the MFT function only when the disk is full. So something must have happened in the interim.
I just had a similar thing happen this morning, but it happened when erasing unused disk space on my 120GB laptop hard drive. It was set for default single random overwrite. The task started after 5 PM last night and was still running this morning after 6 AM. Over 13 hours of run time for less than 70GB of unused disk space.

What you do not say in your last post was what to do. One can only wait so long for a change of status.

How does one stop this unchanging status? End the task? Exit the program?

My level of free space is 4.38GB and has not changed for an hour. How do I get back my the rest of the 70GB of free space that I had when I began the task?
You can stop the erase, which carries the risk that the temporary files that are filling your unused space are not deleted; this is a peculiarity of Windows and of the file system more than of Eraser. To cover that eventuality, Joel has posted an FAQ on this topic here.

Joel: Would it be an idea to post a link to the FAQ as a sticky on this forum, so that users have a better opportunity to answer this rather frequent question for themselves?

The users are supposed to have read the FAQ before posting, as in the Forum Rules...
Joel said:
The users are supposed to have read the FAQ before posting, as in the Forum Rules...
I do hope you didn't write that with a straight face :) .