Question about managing NAS security with eraser


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Hi, the tool runs great on my Win7. I have a synology NAS (I believe this is linux based) that I am looking to clean up. I have the NAS now divided into 2 areas: 1) open data 2) encrypted container

I want to go on the assumption that my NAS is stolen by a hacker. As I have cleaned up my NAS altering, removing and adding 400GB of unencrypted data I am assuming that a lot of the deleted space will be accessible if hacked. I am wondering if I can use eraser to manually clean up this space. I am assuming I will need to remove the disks from the NAS, place in an external enclosure, mount them, then run eraser on them? I am unsure if this might damage something being they are linux disks or will eraser simply see the empty data and secure wipe. Maybe I need to find a linux based tool or you have some thoughts. Thanks!
Encryption programs (I'm only going to use TrueCrypt as a representative sample) will erase the disk contents before writing the encrypted partition in-place. So that stuff's probably fine.

The unencrypted partition, however, might still have data recoverable. Eraser doesn't work on Linux, and erasing it over a NAS doesn't guarantee removal (one of the FAQs had it. I really can't remember now...) You would have to find alternative methods, I'm afraid.