Question About Temp Files


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I have a question about a Folder in my Temp Folder.

C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Local Settings\Temp\mia2.tmp

I Installed Eraser v5.86a yesterday, and I checked my Temp Folder to see if anything was left over from Installing the Program. I noticed that there was a Folder called "mia2.tmp", and it was filled with an enormous amount of other Folders and Files. Approximately 29.4 MB. - 90 Files and 86 Folders. I was wondering if was OK to Delete this Folder. Some of these Folders have a lot of .dll files in them.

Hi Joel. Thanks for your reply. That Thread was informative, but it did not apply to me. In that Thread, the Files were left-over after a "Wipe". In my case the Files & Folders were there right after the Installation.

In any case. I've fixed my Problem. What had happened was, I had Installed Eraser about a Month prior to this Problem, and then had Second thoughts about using it, because I had heard on some other Forum that one of the Versions could Screw your Computer, "Big-time". I Uninstalled it but I missed Removing a few left-over Folders and Reg entries.

This time I did a thorough Search for Folders and used Ccleaner for Any Reg listings. I found a few, backed the up and Removed them. Did another Install and Wha-La, everything is OK now.

Edit: For what it's worth, I am using a Firewall, Comodo 2.4. I don't like v3.0 with Defense + "HIPS". There turning a good Firewall into an all purpose Bloated , Irritating Program. I also had any Real-Time Scanning Software turned off.

Thanks again for your Reply.

Installation shouldn't leave any files behind, if that's what you're concerned.