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I deleted my Temporary Internet Folder.Used DBAN 1 Pass was lazy so it only managed to get to 33%.Downloaded eraser and have been using it to erase unallocated space.Is there any chance that viewed Temporary Internet files could be recoverable?

Perhaps i'm overkilling it but I want to donate ny old PC and don't want anyone to know company accounts/details ect
If I understand correctly, you first attempted to run DBAN using the 1 pass method, then you aborted at 33%. You then installed windows to the drive and have been using eraser to hit the unused disk space. If that's so, I highly doubt the files are recoverable because that means they have either been overwritten by the windows installation itself or when you ran eraser to hit the unused disk space.
spider can also get a undelete utility and scan to see if the files are still there just to make sure the files are really gone, you can also see just what files are floating around free space by not specifying a particular file name.