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i used eraser for the first time last night.

i set up a schedule to erase all free space on my hard drive about 280gb of space. I left it running and went to bed because it was making my computer wicked slow. its about 4-5 hours later and its still "erasing" files only thing is it seems to have eaten 230gb of space. I only have 60gb of free space left and its dropping rapidly. I was also downloading files and one of them completed but the whole thing was only about 8gb (maybe 12) and the other download is 4gb. Does anyone know what is happening to my hard drive. The only explanation i have is that eraser is filling freespace with "junk" files and its being read as filled.

Is this normal or is eraser royaly screwing up my hard drive?
What can i do? There are no new programs in control panel besides
what i have downloaded. Help!
280GB is going to take a long time to erase. You should only use one pass erase in this case or it will take "forever" to complete.
If you see the need to erase free-space often then partition the drive into smaller sections.

BTW: Eraser works by filling up the drive with files containing random data and then it erases those files. This is why you see the drive filling up.