Quick Launch shortcuts

I think I may have discovered a bug within Eraser. It seems that if you create a shortcut on quick launch to 'my computer,' where all your drives are listed, the context menu extensions for Eraser no longer fuction. This is not a problem in any other area that I can tell; every other context menu extension works perfectly. When I select 'erase unused disk space' from the context menu from shortcuts created on quick launch nothing happens. Please see the screenshot below to understand what I'm talking about. Any ideas?

What icon are you using for the shortcut on the quick launch bar. Eraser may get confused if it sees 2 My Computer icons, one on the desktop and one on the quich launch bar. If you are using 2 of the same icon just switch the one for another icon. Just right click on the icon and click on properties/change icon, icons are .ico files. You can use a website icon that you like. Look in the image folder of your browser if you know it is on your browser.
I'm not sure the icon has anything to do with the context menu not functioning. I have changed the icons but it did not help. I should mention that I use a program called True Launch Bar.