Raise the Priority of Eraser Task Manager?


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Just a word of thanks for Eraser. It's solid as they come. Love the ability to shred from the desktop right click menu.

Just one question. Is it safe to raise the priority level of eraser in Task Manager in XP? If so, does this include in the middle of a job?

I'm erasing the empty space on a HD and I'd like to speed up the process if it's safe...

Thanks again
There's nothing stopping you from doing so; however there are negligible gains (if any in the first place) by doing so.

Most of the time Eraser runs as fast as your disk can handle. The disk is thus your bottleneck. The priority set by Task Manager is really the CPU priority, so increasing it would be of little effect.

Vista+ has a concept of IO priority, when no other programs are using the disk, Eraser gets all the disk IO time anyway.