RAM Ghost Images


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Hey! i was reading a thread posted a long time ago, which states file n stuff can still be in you ram?as ghosts?thats scary!!!! excuse the pun...

i think ive got sdram, i dunno..anyways the ram was bought about 3 years ago i think from a pc firm, brand new... there was some data on my computer almost two years ago that was extrmeley classified.. Im curious would some of it still be in the RAM, intact? Ive used the computer every day since then and used some memory intense stuff, like games, like generals and elite force 2. ALso cud information which was in the ram a few years ago be somehow written to my hard drive?:S

THx!! Jus want to put my mind at ease.


Data held in ram can remain after the pc is powerd off but once that ram is used again it is cleaned. In your case after all these months the only place where some data could remain is the hard drive.

If this worries you, perhaps wipe the drive using DBAN and reinstall the OS.

Cool!I see, so how long does it take to go out of the ram abouts? And is there a quick way of purging information from it? Thx :wink:

Btw ive used Dban thx for the advicee!