random .dll files created


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Hello to everyone

A strange thing is happening when I erase files from USB pen-drives it deletes the file using any 1 of the 6 methods preconfigured, but it keeps creating a .dll file & not the same one.
When I erase the .dll file created a new & different .dll file created. I have used 3 different brand pen-drives USB2.0 FAT32 (128mb 256mb 1gb) on 3 different machines & I get the same result. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Are you using 5.84? When you say it creates a DLL is this a real DLL file?
or some random empty rubbish?

In 5.84 Eraser will copy the contents of a random file in system32 over the erased file. So MyDoc.Doc will be erased and then overwritten by say msvcrt.dll from system32.